Emergency services a visit from the police.

We have been busy talking about the emergency services and this week it is the turn of the police. The police officers came to talk to us they told us about what the police do and how they help us. Then we went to the police vans and met the police dogs. We learned:

‘Police dogs sniff to help find people.’- Ella

‘The police keep us safe.’-Marni

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Jango is a big dog,but Tara is biggest.’- Finn

‘Finn’s daddy is a policeman.’-Niamh



Emergency services


The Beauly firefighters came to talk to us about fire safety and the jobs they do for us.


They read us stories and told us about fire safety. We sang them our 999 song.102_0199

Danny enjoyed looking at their safety helmets.102_0201

Finn enjoyed trying on the boots.102_0204

Niamh wants to be a firefighter when she grows up.

Cooking and baking w/c 8.10.2018

The Little Red Hen baked her bread and nursery have been busy baking and preparing different foods this week. As last week we had made vegetable soup and talked about foods we liked.

‘I like baking a banana loaf’-Finn.

We used the potatoes to print a picture for our rhyme..One potato, two potato.


This week we made smoothies. Banana and apple, apple and apple juice and mixed berries and apple juice.



Some we liked and some we didn’t!

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The Little Red Hen

We learned that the school and nursery would soon be getting some chickens. As we were talking about chickens so much we read the little red hen story.

We made chicken hand prints.

We made up our own stories as well, some of the children read them to the rest of the nursery class.

A visit from Moira’s chickens.

We were all excited to have a visit to the nursery from some real chickens. Moira very kindly brought in a cockerel and a hen for the children to see. Everyone was keen to see them and talk about them. They were put in our nursery garden.

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We got to name them.

Portia wanted to call the cockerel Milo.

Ella wanted to call the hen Ruby.

We talked about being gentle with the chickens and fed them some of their food.